Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Memories: My Pixar Childhood (Part 3)

To check out some of my old childhood Toy Story drawings and photographs, visit Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE!

"OK it's bed sheets!"
"Who invited that kid??"
           - Sarge and Mr. Potato Head, Toy Story

Today I'm starting off my final Pixar throwback with some of my "vintage" (I guess I can say that now) Toy Story bed sheets and pillow case! These were on my bed consistently for several years back in the day (probably from '96-'98 ish) and I loved them. I was so thrilled when I found them recently at my parents' house! They are in a safe spot now.

What's really cool about this Toy Story pillow case is that it's double sided. One side features Sheriff  Woody against a western backdrop and the other features Buzz Lightyear against a space backdrop. I remember when I was little, I would try to use both sides equally (making sure I didn't hurt either of their feelings). I was happy to see that these are still in really good condition, if not just a little bit faded. 

Lets switch gears as we now go to late 1998- right around when Disney·Pixar's second film, A Bug's Life, hit theaters! As it was with Toy Story (and every Pixar film since), I was so excited for A Bug's life and all the related toys to come out. I remember watching the trailers for it over and over (since it was long before YouTube, the only ways to see the trailers were either in the movie theater or at the beginning of Disney VHS tapes) and then loving the film as well. I changed my bed sheets from the Toy Story ones above to A Bug's Life (which I couldn't find anywhere currently, but I know they're somewhere) and hunted down the action figures. Oh, and yes, even started a "bug club" ;) I was a fan!

Speaking of the A Bug's Life toys, I thought it would be fun to show you a little home video clip from Christmas 1998! This is me (eight years old) at my grandparents house on Christmas Eve. I'm opening my Bug's Life "Giant Light-Up Anthill" playset and some of the figures- check it out! I remember being so incredibly pumped for this (as you can tell).

Note- I only have this video on VHS so I had to film it off the TV with my phone.

During that time when my love for A Bug's Life was in full swing, I remember coloring countless pages in my "King of the Anthill" and "Small and Mighty" coloring books. Several of the pages seen below even hung on my bedroom wall for about 10 years!

Today I was able to find some old photos in my "archives" of what it looked liked when they were on my wall. Before I left for my freshman year of college in 2008, I packed up everything in my room (always a sad day; you can see the emptiness and my college stuff on the bed). I took these pics before I removed the stuff on my wall so I could always remember what it looked like growing up.

You'll notice the cool Heimlich poster as well! Though faded, I'm so glad I still have this. This was a free promo item that I got at the Disney Store right around the release of the film. I was able to find it today in my memory box- all folded and bagged up along with my coloring book pictures.

It was 1999 when I tacked up these Toy Story 2 pages from a similar coloring book I got; as well as another Disney Store promo poster.

I found those today in my memory box too! Classic.

As you can see, Pixar has been a huge part of my life for, well, almost my whole life! I have them to thank for so many fun and beautiful childhood memories. They sparked my imagination more times than I can ever count. Again, thank you Pixar for all the years of magic and many more to come!

Hopefully you enjoyed this peek into my childhood and the beginnings of how Dan Taylor ultimately became "Dan the Pixar Fan"...

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