Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cars: "Bud" (Super Chase)

pixar cars bud rv

Happy Easter!

From the original Cars, here we have the Mattel 1:55 Deluxe scale diecast of "Bud"! This is a brand new 2016 "Super Chase" (which basically just means he's an ultra rare release- no more than 4,000 units are produced). Super Chase cars are extremely difficult to spot in stores, so I was absolutely thrilled to have received this today as a gift!

As shown in the screen shot above, Bud is one of the RVs seen (only from the back) during the film's opening Dinoco 400 race.

pixar cars bud rv

What makes this character extra cool for fans is that he has one of the film's many "Easter eggs" (hidden references) right there on his back. Recognize the image? Yup, that's the Jackalope from Pixar's 2004 short film Boundin'! Trivia: This RV is named "Bud" after Bud Luckey, the director of Boundin'. Luckey also served as one of the character designers for Cars.

Check out some loose shots below!

pixar cars bud rv
pixar cars bud rv
pixar cars bud rv

I absolutely love this one! The size is spot on, the detail is fantastic and it has to be one of the heaviest Cars diecasts to date. And how awesome is it that a character with an actual Pixar "Easter egg" on it got produced as a toy? As soon as I saw that this one was even coming out, I was sold.

You can keep a lookout for Bud in stores now or find him online on eBay or Amazon using the direct link below.

Best of luck! 

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