Saturday, March 26, 2016

Finding Pixar- At Historic Ellicott City, MD

After we were done with the Science Behind Pixar exhibit in Philadelphia, we continued driving south to visit my wife's family in Ellicott City, Maryland for a few days. During our time there, we were able to go to the historic downtown area, known as "Old Ellicott City", for an evening- one of our favorite things to do there every time we visit. We love to walk around and check out the local stores, antique shops, food places, etc.

Without fail, I'm always able to find old unique Pixar items around this area (for some funny reason). I've found the most random Pixar stuff in these random shops over the years! I never buy any of it, but it's become a goal of mine (almost a game) to see how many old Pixar related items I can find there every time I go. Check out some of the things I found this time around below!

These are really cool...Mr. Incredible and Randall statues from the [now retired] Walt Disney Classics Collection line! I would have snagged them if they weren't hundreds of dollars a piece.

This place had several dozen loose Disney·Pixar Mattel Cars (in plastic collector casing) available for just a couple bucks each. Too bad they didn't have some of the old ones I still don't have! It was cool to see them being sold like this nonetheless. Oh and can you spot a couple hidden Mr. Incredible figures?

This next antique shop had several "vintage" Pixar items!

I stumbled upon this old Toy Story Woody bank...

This 1999 Bullseye Roll n Go (which I looked up on eBay and apparently it's pretty rare. Maybe I should have picked it up?)...

And this Hamm bank (Unfortunately though, I wasn't able to spot who it was made by or where it originally came from. It's different than the 1995 Thinkway version I have).

Do you recognize any of these items? Maybe you even had a few of them back in the day. Shout it out in the comments below if anything here brings back some memories!

Anyway, thought this would be a fun little post to mix things up a bit. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a more traditional item from my ever expanding Pixar collection! Stay tuned. 

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