Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cars 2: Alloy Hemberger

pixar disney cars alloy hemberger

From Disney·Pixar's Cars 2 (supposedly), here we have the Mattel 1:55 scale diecast of Alloy Hemberger! Alloy here is one of this year's very first releases and is part of the 2017 "#95 WGP Race Fans" sub-series (#3/8). If this diecast looks familiar to you, it's because he was originally available in a Target four pack as an exclusive pack-in back in 2013 (seen HERE). It just goes to show you; though multi-pack exclusives may be frustrating at the time, if you wait long enough they almost always eventually get re-released as a single. Works for me!

As you can see, I did not include a screen shot of this character in the film like I usually do. That's because many Cars fans speculate that this specific race fan did not actually make the final cut (OR that it's entirely made up by Mattel). I watched the Blu-Ray closely and even took some shots frame by frame and could not find him. Upon more research, I then found out no one has found him. I have looked through countless Cars forums and Wiki pages and everyone is saying basically the same thing: he is nowhere to be found.

pixar disney cars alloy hemberger

Anyway, regardless of whether he's in the film or not, I love this diecast! This color blue is just so awesome. It's so vibrant and unlike any other color we've seen in this collection. Plus additional race fans are always fun to collect for scene building.

I like the additional details here as well. For example, Alloy is obviously a fan of World Grand Prix race car, Max Schnell. His flag sports Max's German colors and race #4 logo. His license plate even says "Go Max." Pretty neat!

Fun Fact: The name "Alloy Hemberger" is a direct reference to Pixar visual effects artist Allen Hemberger (who worked on Cars 2, Brave and Finding Dory).

pixar disney cars alloy hemberger

I found this one back in late December last year, but it's still pretty prevalent at Target stores (I see him almost every time I go, including today).  Best of luck on the hunt if you're still looking to add Alloy to your collection!

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