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Ratatouille: Mattel Action Figure Collection (2007)

mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures

Today we're throwing it back to 2007 with these French-tastic Disney·Pixar Ratatouille action figures from Mattel! These were part of the original line of toys released just before the film hit theaters nearly 10 years ago (can you believe it?). I recently got these as a Christmas present (thanks to my parents and eBay) since I missed out on the original release all those years ago.

If you follow my blog pretty regularly, you might remember me posting on the Disney Store 2007 Ratatouille figure collection last May. Since I already had those, I wasn't planning on getting these ones (since I thought they were pretty similar). I ended up not being able to resist these though, mainly because of two characters here that weren't released at the Disney Store: Git and Django (not counting the mini Django that came with the Chef Skinner figure).

mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures

These figures actually ended up being quite a bit different than the Disney Store ones, so I'm super glad I got them. First of all these are smaller in size; not by a ton, but they're smaller. Secondly, these don't have as much detail or articulation and feel more "plasticky". Lastly these ones don't talk, but they do have some fun action features that the Disney Store ones don't have. Ultimately, both collections are fun for different reasons. The Disney Store figures feel geared more towards older kids/collectors and these Mattel ones are most definitely for younger kids (hence the cheaper feel and added play features). 

Let's take a closer look at the figures below— both in and out of their packages. In this collection we have four awesome characters: Git (the oversized, buff lab rat), Remy, Emile and Django (Remy's father). Each stands at around 4.5" tall.

mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures
mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures

Git isn't in the film much, but he's subtly funny and memorable when he's on screen. I had to have him as part of my collection—this might even be my favorite of the four.

Action feature: press the button on his back repeatedly and watch as he lifts the "weights"!

mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures git

Remy here is really cute and has a nice likeness to the character. He comes with a removable cheese piece accessory. 

Action feature: Remy is a classic "pull-back" style toy. Roll him back and forth on a hard surface several times to "wind" him up and watch as he scurries away with the cheese! He actually gets rolling really fast.

mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures remy

Remy's brother Emile, voiced by Pixar's very own Peter Sohn, is one of my favorite characters in the film...I can't get enough of this guy! This is a pretty cute, very simple figure figure with no articulation. 

Action feature: Load the grape into Emile's mouth and press the button on his back to launch! 
mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures emile

Django here is a very cool figure and might be the most detailed of the bunch. He has a very solid sculpt (I love his fatherly, welcoming stance) and great paint application. He also comes with a neat accessory— an opened sardine can that he can attach to. 

Action feature: Once Django is attached to the can, roll him around to see him and his arms wobble about!

mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures django
mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures django

Overall, this is a fun, simple line of toys perfect for any young fan of Ratatouille. Heck, even if you're an adult collector such as myself, they make cool display pieces. They look awesome on my Ratatouille shelf currently! And with only four characters total, it makes it easy to track them all down.

mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures

Check out my video below to see them in action!

If you'd like to pick these up for your collection, be sure to check out this direct link to current eBay listings or Amazon using the links below. Amuse-toi bien!

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