Saturday, February 18, 2017

Monsters University: Disney Store Archie the Scare Pig (Mini Bean Bag Plush)

disney store monsters university archie pig mascot plush

Today's the beginning of my detailed look at the entire 2013 Monsters University mini bean bag plush collection from the Disney Store...starting now with Archie the Scare Pig! Over the next couple weeks, I'll be showing you guys all the awesome fraternity, sorority and other mini MU plush that were released around the debut of the film. Note: if you missed my "medium core" Oozma Kappa plush post from back in November, check it out HERE. I also reviewed the medium Mrs. Squibbles plush HERE and Mike & Sulley HERE.

In the film, Archie was originally [rival school] Fear Tech's mascot; that is until Sulley stole it and made it MU's own (with the help of Mike, who got no cred I might add). I've always been a fan of this hilarious side character. Though he doesn't get more than a few brief moments of screen time, his completely goofy look and little pigs sounds never fail to crack me up. This plush was a must have for me!

disney store monsters university archie pig mascot plush

Here are some of the details—
  • He's super soft 
  • Is 7" long and about 5" tall 
  • Has embroidered Features 
  • Nice character likeness/movie accurate details
  • Mini bean pellets inside 
  • Original retail of $9.95 
There you go! That's this guy in a nutshell. If you wanna pick this one up for your collection, be sure to check out this direct link to current eBay listings or Amazon using the link below.

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