Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Toy Story: Mattel "Minis" Blind Packs (Series 1)

toy story minis blind packs woody

The Toy Story "Minis" collection from Mattel began last Summer with the Toys R Us exclusive 10-pack which I wrote all about HERE. Right around the same time (maybe a little after), the same exact figures started showing up at Walmart stores in blind bags beginning with/dubbed as "series 1".

Though series 1 mostly just consists of repackaged figures from the Toys R Us set (as seen on the back of the package below), there is one awesome addition: a "special edition" black and white (Woody's Roundup) Woody figure! Of course that was the only one I needed from this initial blind bags series since I had all the others. And here he is! I was able to track him down a few months back.

toy story minis blind packs

Again with these, when they say mini, they mean mini. Woody here, like the rest of the characters in this line, is just over an inch tall. His head can move slightly from side to side (his waist can also be twisted) and his hat is removable.

toy story minis blind packs

Now over the last month or so, series 3 of these blind bag figures started showing up at Walmarts around the country (which I'll be showing off in tomorrow's post). But wait...what happened to series 2? A second series did in fact happen (you can see an image of the package online HERE—notice that it includes a special edition black and white Woody's Roundup Jessie), but the series had a much smaller distribution for whatever reason and was much harder to come by. I still need to find that black and white Jessie (some do pop up on eBay every now and then), which was the only new character unique to series 2.

Anyway—be sure to stay tuned for tomorrow's series 3 post, featuring a bunch of awesome new characters to collect. A video unbagging will be up soon as well. Until next time!

UPDATE: Here's a link to my series 3 post! I've also added a video unbagging below.

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