Thursday, February 2, 2017

Toy Story: Mattel "Minis" Blind Packs (Series 3)

toy story minis blind bags series 3

Continuing on from last night's Mattel Toy Story "Minis" blind packs series 1 post (be sure to first catch up with that one HERE), today we have series 3! Since several of these characters are repeats from series 1 though (namely Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Alien and Rex), I will only be addressing the new characters.

Note: If you missed it in my post last night, I mentioned that series 2 was harder to come by and had a much smaller distribution. For some reason, it skipped right to a third series in my area— however a second series was available some places and can be seen in this photo HERE. I'm still looking to add that black and white Jessie to my collection (which was the only new/unique character in series 2).

toy story minis blind bags series 3

I was so thrilled to stumble upon this set at Walmart about a month ago and was excited to see that so many awesome new characters were added to this collection! This series adds seven previously unreleased characters to the lineup: Slinky, Wheezy, Green Army Man, Hamm as Evil Dr. Porkchop, Buttercup, Bo Peep and [the"special edition"] black and white Woody's Roundup Bullseye (which follows the special edition black and white Woody from series 1)!

Once again, these are MINI figures; like seriously mini. They stand just over an inch tall, are made of hard plastic and have very limited articulation (as in most of their heads and turn, but that's about it). Retail price for each figure is $2.88.

Let's take a closer look at the cuteness!

toy story minis blind bags series 3 slinky

toy story minis blind bags series 3 wheezy

Green Army Man
toy story minis blind bags series 3 army man

Hamm as Evil Dr. Porkchop
toy story minis blind bags series 3 dr. porkchop

toy story minis blind bags series 3 buttercup

Bo Peep
toy story minis blind bags series 3 bo peep

Black & White Woody's Roundup Bullseye (Special Edition)
toy story minis blind bags series 3 bullseye

I can't say it enough—these are extremely adorable figures. I hope they keep on comin'! The sculpts are great, the paint jobs are extremely decent and they're a blast to collect. If you're trying to get them all without any repeats, I have a few hints. Hint #1: there are little holes under the bag's flap on the back where you can see colors if you look close enough. From there it's pretty easy to determine the character. Hint #2: Each character has a specific code on the back unique to that character. Find all the different codes and you'll have all the different characters! Pretty simple.

toy story minis series 3

These have been showing up at Walmart stores nationwide since the beginning of the year. If these interest you, head to your local store soon to check for availability. Snag them while you can! All you Toy Story fans out there will love these.

Which character are you hoping to see made in a future series (assuming this line will continue on)? Shout it out in the comments below and be sure to check out my video unbagging below! Feel free to like and subscribe :)

UPDATE: See my post on SERIES 4 HERE

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