Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monsters University: Disney Store "HSS" Mini Bean Bag Plush

Monsters University Disney Store "HSS" Mini Bean Bag Plush

Directly following yesterday's post, today I'm taking a look the 2013 Disney Store Monsters University "HSS" mini bean bag plush (full set of six)! If you haven't been following along, here's a little recap of who I've reviewed so far from the MU plush collection (by category):
In Monsters U, there are six fraternities/sororities that compete in the Scare Games: Roar Omega Roar (ROR), Jaws Theta Chi (JOX), Oozma Kappa (OK), Python Nu Kappa (PNK), Slugma Slugma Kappa (EEK) and Eta Hiss Hiss (HSS). There are six members in each "house", meaning there are 36 Scare Games competitors total. Yes, in 2013, the Disney Store released every single one of them as a mini bean bag plush! I'll be taking a look at them all over the next few days (well, most for now...more on that later).

FUN FACT: Did you know that, according to MU supplementary materials, Dean Hardscrabble was part of the HSS sorority when she was in school? Interesting!

Monsters University Disney Store "HSS" Mini Bean Bag Plush

The HSS fraternity sub-collection here includes members Rosie Levin (leader), Sonia Lewis, Nancy Kim, Rhonda Boyd, Susan Jensen and Nadya Petrov. Each is as detailed and awesome looking as the next! They all measure somewhere between 6" and 11" tall are are as "goth" as they come.

Though these character designs might not be my favorite in the film (just because I'm not so much into "punk"/"goth" type stuff), these plush were still essential to get so that I could complete the whole collection. I do have to say, they did do a great job with the little details on these (even down to Rosie's horn earrings) and I'm impressed by the materials used for the outfits and hair.

As usual, these are all quality stitched, have nice embroidered features, are vibrant in color, have decent likenesses to the actual characters and are made from some very soft materials overall. My favorites in this round have to be Susan (that hair right?) and Nancy. What are yours?

Monsters University Disney Store "HSS" Mini Bean Bag Plush

If you're a Monsters U fan, I definitely recommend trying to track these down. This whole collection of fraternity/sorority bean bags is a lot of fun! I especially love how unique most of these characters are (I mean, have you ever seen any other products of Sonia, Rhonda, Susan or Nadya?!). Just awesome.

Be sure to check out current eBay listings using this direct link (that's where I got mine here) and stay tuned for much more from this collection right here soon.

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