Monday, February 20, 2017

Monsters University: Disney Store Brock and Claire Mini Bean Bag Plush

monsters university brock claire plush disney store

This past Saturday I started my reviews of the 2013 Monsters University Disney Store mini bean bag plush (which began with Archie the Scare Pig). Today I'm continuing on with two more from the collection...Brock Pearson and Claire Wheeler! In the film, Claire is the president of the Greek Council, while Brock serves at the vice president. Both take part in emceeing the annual MU Scare Games.

These are both super cool and very unique plush. The only other products I have for either of these characters are the "monster mini" figures from Spin Master (seen HERE). Other than those figures and these plush, I don't believe there are any other items out there of Brock and Claire. That alone made these a must have for me. 

monsters university brock claire plush disney store

I always thought Brock's preppy, over the top energy in the film was pretty hilarious and found his look to be pretty cool and much different than any of the other monsters seen on screen. I had to have this one! I'm indifferent about Claire honestly (as a character), but I couldn't have one without the other of course. Both plushies have very decent likenesses, details and embroidered features. The fabrics/materials used here are really nice and you can tell these are quality made overall.

Brock stands at 9" tall (including the horns) and Claire at around 10.5" tall. Both originally retailed for the standard mini bean bag plush price of $9.95.

That's it for these guys! If you're looking to add these to your collection, check out this direct link to current eBay listings (they're very easy to track down for surprisingly cheap). Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and thanks so much for dropping by! 

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