Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Display Shelf— At Least For Me!

tsum tsum display shelf circle

The Tsum Tsum craze is stronger than ever. More and more Disney collectors are getting caught up in all the stackable cuteness— and I'm one of them! From plush, to vinyl figures, to blind packs, to clothing, to just about anything you can think of (heck, even lip balm), Tsum Tsum products are everywhere now. That leads many to wonder, "what is the best way to display my Tsum Tsum collection?" (specifically the mini plush). That is a great question with many answers.

There are a lot of awesome Tsum Tsum displays out there (just Google it, you'll see). I've seen some very effective basic ones as well as some extremely creative methods. Cube shelves, book shelves, custom shaped shelves, corner shelves, shadow boxes, nets, cubbies, etc... I've seen them all and they're all great options! Really it comes down to you and the the style/look you're going for.

best tsum tsum display shelf

Over the past couple years I thought a lot about how I personally wanted to display my Tsum collection. Well, I finally got my answer just a few days ago while I was browsing my local Target. I stumbled upon this large mesh metal circle shelf and knew right off the bat that it would make a perfect Tsum display shelf—and I was right! It's like it was made for Tsum Tsums. Come to find out, after searching the web, I'm definitely not the first one to have this idea. But hey, I'm excited to share it with you in case this is new to you as it was to me.

Since I exclusively collect Pixar Tsum Tsums, I only have around 50 currently (though I'm sure that will change big time this year). This shelf can comfortably fit, according to my calculated guess, around 120; so that gives me plenty of room to grow! I cannot wait for this to be filled to the brim. It will look adorably perfect.

The shelf is 25" H x 25" W x 5" D in size. It's very easy to hang (comes with two screws) and retails for $29.99. If this has got you interested, be sure to pick it up at your local Taget store (seems they've been around since last year) or online right HERE!

how should I display my tsum tsum collection

For me and the amount of Tsum Tsums I have/plan on having, this is the definitive way to display my collection. I'm excited to hang it up in my kids' room (or office or playroom...wherever it might end up) someday. Until then.

How do you display your Tsum Tsum collection? I'd love to hear, or even better, I'd love to see! Shout it out in the comments below and feel free to share any pics you might have.

UPDATE 6/28/20:
Wow. What a difference a few years makes! Look at all these Tsum Tsum releases I've added to my shelf since I wrote this post. I'm officially out of room now (Tsums seem to be done anyway, so good timing as much as I loved collecting them) and the shelf looks amazing on my Pixar office wall! In the end, I was able to fit 137 Tsums on here.

Epic, if I do say so myself!

disney pixar tsum tsums shelf complete collection

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