Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cars: M.A. Brake Drumm

pixar cars m.a. brake drumm

Sorry for the late post tonight guys! Between work, family time and watching the Oscars (a HUGE congrats to the whole Piper team for the win!) things were pushed back a bit. Regardless, I still wanted to get something up for you tonight.

Here we have M.A. Brake Drumm, one of the more recent brand new releases from Mattel's 1:55 scale Disney·Pixar Cars collection! She started hitting shelves late last year and is part of the 2016 "LA Speedway" sub-series (#5/11). This is the first ever release of this character.

pixar cars m.a. brake drumm

As shown in the screenshot above, M.A. Brake Drumm is briefly seen in the crowed of the massive LA Speedway (near the end of the film; right before the big Piston Cup finale race begins). She is next to Coriander Widetrack (seen HERE) and the previously released Brake Boyd (seen HERE). M.A. is definitely suggested to be the mother in this shot, with Coriander being the daughter and Brake Boyd as the father (red and blue do make purple after all ;). Why they all have different last names beats me, but it's strongly implied they are a family.

Interestingly I was never able to find this one in stores, so I had to finally resort to getting her online. It wasn't bad though—I think I paid around $7 on eBay. I really like the look of this car overall and I'm excited to have it as part of my collection. Plus now I finally have all three cars as featured in the shot from the film! It was worth paying the couple extra dollars just for that.

If you haven't gotten M.A. here yet, be sure to check eBay HERE or Amazon using the direct link below. Happy hunting!

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