Thursday, October 10, 2019

Cars 3: "Fan Favorites" Team 95 and 51 Maddy McGear

Cars 3 "Fan Favorites" Team 95 and 51 Maddy McGear

As part of Mattel's new Cars 3 Target exclusive "Fan Favorites" sub-line, here we have the 1:55 scale diecast of Team 95 and 51 Maddy McGear! This little secondary collection is made up of both canon and non-canon versions of some of our favorite characters (as usual, I collected only the "canon" characters—or in other words, the ones that actually appeared on screen in the film). Other than Maddy here, this wave also features:
  • Team 95 Mater (Canon, I'll be reviewing that one soon as well) 
  • Dinoco Cruz Ramirez with tool cart (Canon)
  • Team 51 Ramone (Non-Canon
  • Team 95 Sarge (Non-Canon)
  • Team 95 and 51 Sheriff (Non-Canon)
As shown in the screenshot above, Maddy is briefly seen like this in a still image during the film's end credits showing off her fandom for McQueen and Cruz by wearing both a 95 and 51 hat. So yes, this diecast is canon—just barely!

Note: See my review of the standard diecast version of Maddy HERE.

Cars 3 "Fan Favorites" Team 95 and 51 Maddy McGear

You can also find this "Fan Favorites" version of Maddy in a Target exclusive 4-pack (seen HERE). Pick up this and any of the "Fan Favorites" collection at your local Target today! They're all still pretty easy to find in stores, but I've also included a direct Amazon link below for your convenience.

Happy hunting!

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