Monday, October 28, 2019

Incredibles 2: Edna Mode Novelty Shades AND MORE! (by Sun-Staches)

sun-staches edna mode shades glasses

Hello dahlings, I welcome you to tonight's post.

Remember Sun-Staches, the brand known for their fun and transformative officially licensed costume/novelty shades? Well I feel very lucky because they just sent me a surprise package in the mail...and what was inside? Edna Mode Shades, Holiday Minnie Mouse Shades and TMNT Michelangelo Shades—just in time for Halloween! Since this is a Pixar blog after all, I'm going to focus in on the Edna glasses, but I did want to give a shout out to the other two I was sent as well. A big thank you to my friends over at Sun-Staches for this generous gift!

Once again, these shades are both hilariously fun (with those silly designs), but also practical since they have 100% UV protection impact resistant lenses. Retail price for each pair is around $10.

sun-staches edna mode shades glasses

Edna's glasses are kind of unique for Sun-Staches as they're a bit more streamlined. Rather than having an over the top design, I like how they kept them simple and more movie inspired. These shades actually work perfectly as part of an actual Edna Halloween/cosplay costume or Disneybound ensemble—while also protecting your eyes from the sun! Edna would approve.

sun-staches glasses shades

My nieces and nephew had a lot of fun with these last night! I brought the shades to our Sunday dinner family gathering and they all got to pick their fave character. My niece Kami was especially excited to get the Edna shades.

sun-staches glasses shades

You can purchase these on the official Sun-Staches site (Edna Shades HERE, the Minnie Santa Hat "Holiday Shades" HERE and the Michelangelo Shades HERE), Amazon using the direct links below or wherever Sun-Staches are sold.

And while you're browsing their site, look out for TONS more from other Disney/Pixar properties including Monsters Inc., Inside Out, Finding Dory, Cars, The Lion King, Frozen, Marvel and much more (not to mention lots of other designs from non-Disney properties as well).

Let me know what you think down in the comments! Which pair is your favorite?

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