Thursday, October 3, 2019

Toy Story: BoxLunch Exclusive Ducky & Babyface Enamel Pins (by Loungefly)

boxlunch loungefly toy story mutant toy pins

Don't worry, these pins aren't cannibals. Your other pins are safe! Check out these brand new BoxLunch exclusive Toy Story enamel pins by Loungefly—Ducky and Babyface, two of the most iconic mutant toys seen in Sid's room. Leave it to BoxLunch to release (yet again) such a unique set of items based on characters we never see in merchandise! As mentioned before, I'm not a big pin collector; but once in a while some pins come out that are just too good to pass these here! They were a must have.

First off, let's take a closer look at Ducky (no, not Ducky from Toy Story 4). He looks amazing and it's so cool to have him in pin form! The only other piece of Ducky merch I have is a figure from THIS 2001 gift pack. I believe that was the first and last time anything Ducky related was ever released— until now. Crazy! The pin measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" in size and retails for $8.90.

boxlunch loungefly toy story mutant toy pins ducky

Next up is Babyface, the first of Sid's mutant toys we meet and arguably the most memorable. This design just sticks in your head forever! Though this character has seen its fair amount of merch over the years, I'm pretty sure this is the first ever officially licensed pin. It looks great! The pin measures about 2" wide and also retails for $8.90.

boxlunch loungefly toy story mutant toy pins ducky

Here's just a quick peek at the backs of the pins.

boxlunch loungefly toy story mutant toy pins

Both of these pins are on sale right now for 25% off (or $6.67 each). Get them while you can at this awesome price and before they sell out! You won't want to miss them for your collection. You can purchase Ducky online HERE and Babyface HERE.

Shout-out to Loungefly for doing such a solid job with these. Now here's the big question though; will the rest of Sid's mutant toys get this same pin treatment? I feel like they HAVE to release the rest of them now! Shout out your thoughts below. Would you love to see pins made of the remaining mutants?

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