Sunday, January 19, 2020

Cars 3: "Slim" Hood

Hey Pixar Cars fans! From Mattel, here we have another one of their newest Cars 3 1:55 scale diescast releases..."Slim" Hood (racing no. 9)! He is part of the 2020 "Doc's Racing Days" sub-series and hit shelves a couple months back in Case T. Gotta love these 1950's era Piston Cup racers; can't get enough of them!

In Cars 3, "Slim" was sponsored mainly by Sludge Cola and the Plaza Supermarket. Unfortunately, even after a pretty deep search, I couldn't find where he appeared on screen in the film. Some photos online claim he's spotted in the old Fireball Beach race video of Doc crashing (the one McQueen watches in his garage after his own crash), but as I looked further into those shots, those photos are not of this character. Do you know where you can spot him? Let me know if you have any insights!

Fun Fact: He named after Pixar employee Sam Hood.

If you're having trouble finding this one in stores at your nearest Target or Walmart, no worries. You can purchase him online by searching eBay HERE or Amazon using the direct link below. See you real soon and happy hunting!

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