Friday, January 17, 2020

Cars 3: Tom W.

pixar mattel cars tom w. review

You might have guessed this was coming! Yup, I'm back tonight to document another Mattel Cars 3 1:55 scale diecast release...Tom W.! This character hit shelves in early 2018 as part of that year's "Rust-eze Racing Center" sub-series and was available in both Case B and C (one with and one without a "bonus collector card").

In Cars 3, Tom W. (No. 061) is one of several unidentifiable background next-gen rookie racers ("trainees") seen at the Rust-eze Racing Center. As such, there's unfortunately no screen shot this time around to show exactly where he appeared in the film (if he's there at all). Yah his name and look are pretty generic, but I kind of like all the different color trainees Mattel has released over the last couple of years!

While this racer isn't available in stores currently as part of this year's lineup, you can pick him online at either Amazon using the direct link below or eBay HERE. Have fun on the hunt if you're still looking to add this one to your Cars collection! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments.

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