Monday, January 27, 2020

Cars 3: Trainer Cruz Ramirez

Cars 3 Trainer Cruz Ramirez diecast review

Tonight I'm taking a look at another brand new Cars 3 Mattel 1:55 scale diecast release...Trainer Cruz Ramirez! Now I'm sure you're thinking "how is this new??". Trust me, I get the confusion. If you're at the store and didn't happen to read the name on the card, you could easily pass over this one thinking it's just a regular Cruz Ramirez diecast (the same one that's been released a million times). This almost happened to me, but then I happened to notice that her card actually says "Trainer Cruz Ramirez" and then I saw that she has her headset on— though it's on the side facing away from the bubble, so it's hard to spot. So yah, this variation could just as easily be called "Cruz Ramirez with Headset."

As shown in the screen shot above, Cruz is seen wearing her training headset when we first meet her in the Rust-eze Racing Center.

Cars 3 Trainer Cruz Ramirez diecast review

Though this is a super simple variant, I like that we finally get Cruz with her headset on. It's subtle details like this that go along way when building out specific scenes with diecasts and/or creating movie accurate dioramas (if that's your thing).

This one just started hitting the pegs a couple weeks back, so you should still be able to find her easily in stores at your nearest Target or Walmart (I seem to spot her almost every time I go out searching these days). If not, no worries! You can purchase her online by searching eBay HERE or Amazon using the direct link below.

Have fun out there and happy hunting! Let me know your thoughts or any questions you might have down in the comments.

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