Friday, January 31, 2020

Cars 3: Complete Funko "POP!" Collection

cars 3 funko pop collection

Yes, here I am posting on this [almost] three year old Cars 3 Funko "POP!" collection. Whoops! These kinds of posts take a bit of time, so this one would get pushed back over and over again. I'm just so happy to finally get this review up and cross it off my list! These originally hit stores clear back in May 2017, so they've been waiting to get featured for a while now.

Note: In 2015, Funko released characters from the first Cars film—so be sure to check out that post HERE before continuing on!

This Cars 3 collection includes seven characters, mostly consisting of Lightning McQueen varients and store exclusives. Here we have: Lighting McQueen (#282), Rust-Eze Racing Center Lighting McQueen (#282—Target Exclusive), Primer Lightning McQueen (#282—Meijer Exclusive), Fabulous Lightning McQueen (#283—Toys R Us Exclusive), Dinoco Cruz Ramirez (#284), Luigi (#285—Walmart Exclusive) and Guido (#286—Walmart Exclusive). Once again, Funko nailed it! These designs are perfectly stylized and look so good with all the other previously released characters.

cars 3 funko pop collection

Check 'em all out below! Original retail price for each one was around the Funko standard of about $10.

Lightning McQueen
cars 3 funko pop lightning mcqueen

Dinoco Cruz Ramirez
It's hard to tell from my photo, but Cruz has a pretty great glitter paint job! That's one of my fave details.
cars 3 funko pop cruz ramirez

Guido (Walmart Exclusive)
cars 3 funko pop guido

Luigi (Walmart Exclusive)
cars 3 funko pop luigi

Primer Lightning McQueen (Meijer Exclusive)
cars 3 funko pop meijer primer mcqueen

Rust-Eze Racing Center Lightning McQueen (Target Exclusive)
This McQueen, while still lightweight and hollow inside, is a harder plastic with a really cool chrome shine. All the other characters are Funko's more traditional "softer" vinyl material.
cars 3 funko pop target exclusive lightning mcqueen

Fabulous Lightning McQueen (Toys R Us Exclusive)
Fabulous Lightning McQueen Toys R Us Exclusive Funko POP

I would love if Funko finished off the Radiator Springs "residents" by releasing Fillmore, Sally, Flo, Sheriff, Sarge, Lizzie and Red. And what about Cars 2? Yah, I know it's not the most loved, but it's technically the only Pixar film at this point that never got a single Funko POP release. Finn McMissile, Holley Shiftwell, Francesco Bernoulli and Professor Z would look great as POPs and are on my personal wish list. What do you think?

If you're still looking to add these to your personal collection, you can find them on eBay HERE or Amazon using the direct links below (among other online shops). Let me know your thoughts down in the comments and be sure to share YOUR favorite and why!

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