Monday, May 26, 2014

Cars & Cars 2: Sarge & Race Team Sarge

It may be a stretch, but I thought that Sarge from Cars and Cars 2 would make a festive post today, given that it's Memorial Day and he is a patriotic army car.

(Below) On the left we have the original Sarge single released back in 2006 (the "Desert" series) and on the right is "Race Team" Sarge which was released in the 2011 initial Cars 2 series. Both cars are 1:55 scale diecast vehicles from Mattel.

Both are very similar of course, but the Cars 2 version added Mcqueen's "95" logo and different mouth and eye expressions.

The original Sarge has been re-released many times over the years, but Race Team Sarge was only released in 2011. However, Race Team Sarge with a Pit Crew Headset, was released recently (see here) as well as a lights and sounds version.

You can find all versions of Sarge by searching eBay or Amazon. Good luck with the hunt and may your Cars collection be ever expanding.

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