Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cars: Pit Crew Member Fabulous Hudson Hornet

Here we have Pit Crew Member Doc Hudson! At the end of the original Cars, Doc shows up at Lightning's big race with his retro "Fabulous Hudson Hornet" paint job from when he was a famous race car.

Mattel has released this 1:55 scale diecast Doc as the Hudson Hornet on numerous occasions, but only this one from the "lenticular eyes" line and the "World of Cars" line include his crew chief headset.

I also have the Fabulous Hudson Hornet without his headset as well, seen HERE.

You can pick up his car on Amazon or support this blog by picking him up on eBay using the link below:

And can I just say that I'm SO pumped for my birthday this coming Tuesday? Two more days! 

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