Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cars: Michael Schumacher (Ferrari F430)

As anyone who has seen the Cars films knows, the hilarious Luigi and Guido are huge Ferrari fans. At the end of the film, when a Ferrari actually enters their shop for new tires, Luigi and Guido are completely star struck which results in a classic laugh out loud moment. 

Mattel has released this Ferrari character numerous times over the years appearing in the Supercharged, Lenticular, and World of Cars lines. The version I have shown here in my collection is the Lenticular one with moving eyes. 

He was also released in a very cool 3-pack with his buddies Antonio and Costanzo, seen here.

If you're looking to add this Ferrari to your collection, you can pick him up on Amazon or on eBay using this link: Cars— Ferrari F430

See more cars from my collection by using the Cars and Cars 2 label to the right and look for more right here soon! 

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