Monday, May 12, 2014

Events: Disney World Trip May 2014 Part 1 (Days 1-3)

This past week (May 3rd-10th), my wife and I took a fantastic vacation to Disney World! A lot of my family were there as well, so to say the least, it was an absolute blast.

My wife Brita and I are huge Disney World fans. I've been going there my whole life and this was her third time. I introduced her to it in 2009 and was so happy she loved it as much as me. The last time we were there (November 2011) was the time we got engaged (on the beaches of the Polynesian Resort while watching Wishes)!

Anyway, here I'll be posting the Pixar related highlights for each day. For many more pictures of the entire trip, you can visit my Facebook album HERE. Please like and comment!

DAY 1- Arrival and the Magic Kingdom

After checking into the Caribbean Beach resort, we headed to the Magic Kingdom. We got in the park just as Merida was going past during the Festival of Fantasy parade. 

After dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern and lots of the classic rides, Brita and I hit up The Incredibles Super Dance Party. 

Being the avid collector that I am, of course all the gift shops are a huge highlight for me. So much great Pixar stuff! 

Once we got back to our room that night, I was also able to notice more details such as Finding Nemo characters on our blankets. Pixar touches in our room? Absolutely! It was a great choice.

 Day 2- Hollywood Studios (Star Wars Day, May the 4th Be With You)

The Pixar Studios section of the park is, of course, one of my favorites and Toy Story Mania is the best! I hope they expand someday with an entire Pixar or Toy Story land like Disney Land Tokyo has. 

 Some Mike Wazowski strollers available at the park to use...thought they were pretty cute! If I had a baby there, I'd totally use those. 

That night after Hollywood Studios and dinner at Prime Time Cafe, we hit up the ever so awesome Downtown Disney area. Downtown Disney has some of my favorite stores like Once upon a Toy, the Lego Store and the World of Disney. Lots of great Pixar merch! I was definitely in my kind of place. 

 Brita spotted the Buzz Lightyear on this hot air balloon taking off! Really cool. 

And a store full of Vinylmations? Yes please. 

Day 3- Epcot

Ahh...the beautiful Epcot. We love everything about it! From the peacefulness to the thrills, it has it all. I just love the ambiance and the overall feel of the place. We especially like walking around World Showcase and exploring the different cultures. It was even more beautiful this time of year because of the Flower and Garden Festival. Throughout the park, you'll find many classic Disney characters made from hedge and this Buzz Lightyear!

The Seas with Nemo and Friends is so fun, especially Turtle Talk with Crush. During our visit, my Sister's whole family and all of their kids were featured during the majority of the show! It was absolutely hilarious and I'm glad I got it all on video. 

  There's a brand new play area in the park and it's 100% Monsters University themed! It was really cool. If I was a little kid, I would have totally loved to play there. The ambience was set with music from the film playing in the background as well as the sountrack for For the Birds. I loved the MU hedge of Mike and Sulley as well! Those were for sure a highlight.

Here are a few more Pixar hedge I found while exploring around the park...Lightning Mcqueen and Mater in a section called"Mater's Parts, Plants and Playin' Garden" where kids can play a search and find game to find his missing parts. 

 I love the Mouse Gears gift shop there at Epcot. It's their biggest store and the place where I got my first Vinylmation ever! 

Brita thought this Sulley kid's zip up was pretty cute. If we had kids, you know we would have snagged that! 

Speaking of Sulley, Brita and I had a pretty hilarious conversation while we were there at Mouse Gears about all of the plush Sulleys they had there. She brought up the point that NONE of their faces were right! Something was just off with every single one of them and none of them capture what Sulley truly looks like in the film. We found six Sulleys and they're all a bit goofy looking. We call them "derp" Sulleys (especially the cross eyed one, ha!). Come on, they couldn't have gotten him right? Check them all out below and share your thoughts on this. We want your input!  

 Loved this shirt as well but it was only available in kid's sizes. This would have been awesome for adults! I would have totally gotten it.

Here we have the Lotso hedge. How cool right? It was a fun surprise to see while walking through World Showcase. Too bad he didn't smell like strawberries though. 

Our great day in Epcot ended with a fantastic dinner at the Coral Reef restaurant. Has anyone been there? I can't recommend it enough. YUM. 

Well that's a wrap for tonight! Come back tomorrow morning for part 2 of this extensive post. Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to comment!

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  1. Wow! Nice, I haven't been to any of the Disney parks, but I hope to some day :) It doesn't look too crowded, was it? Glad you had a great time and can't wait til part 2 :D