Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cars: Cora Copper

Another brand new 2014 release from Mattel, here's Cora Copper! Cora is another reporter/photographer seen briefly in the original Cars (screen shot above).
 This is Cora's very first release as a diecast vehicle. She's available now at your local store, but if you're having a hard time tracking this one down, you can pick her up on Amazon or on eBay using the link below:
 Cars: Cora Copper

Like usual with even the cars with the smallest roles in the films, Cora has her own back story on "Pixar Wiki":
 "Cora Copper Golddigger is one of those press hounds you never want to tangle with, especially if you've got something to hide! A tireless (some say ruthless) investigator, she's uncovered dirt on the cleanest circuit racers - anything that will sell copies of her paper, "AutoMan Empire!"

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