Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cars: Dinoco Helicopter

The Dinoco helicopter makes several appearances in the original Cars. You may remember the character best for being the helicopter that Mater rides in during the last scene of the film, but it also is seen earlier on as well (screen shot above from after the big opening race scene).

This is a 1:55 scale diecast vehicle from Mattel, however it is very off scale from the actual size in the film. This is the smaller version, which was the original release and is the size of the regularly sized cars singles. I'll also note that although the entire body of the chopper is diecast metal, the propellers are plastic.

There was also a deluxe size version which has been released several times over the years, including last year and is still common to find at the store. The deluxe size is a bit bigger than the one I'm showing here, but is still off scale compared to the size in the film (since we know that one is big enough for Mater to ride in). I never ended up picking up the deluxe size version (since I have this one, but may be regretting it now), but you can view an image of it here

If you're looking to get even a larger size Dinoco helicopter that can actually fit Mater, there are a couple other options that I never took advantage of. There is a cool Disney Store carrying case and a Mattel Supercharged electronic version-both are plastic and were release a few years ago so, naturally, have become rare.  

If you're searching for any of these products, I definitely recommend searching eBay or Amazon for the best prices.  

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