Sunday, May 11, 2014

Monsters Inc: MagicBandits

 Hey Everyone! Well, I'm back from our Disney World trip. It's always a little sad to come back to the real world after a week in the happiest place on earth, but we had an amazing time and now have some amazing, magical memories.

Now we're back to real-time posts, rather than the pre-written ones I wrote up before the trip. That worked out great for me though, hope you enjoyed them while I was away. 

Today's post is something I had a lot of fun with in Disney World...they're called MagicBandits! I had no idea about these before my trip but they turned out to be a really fun surprise. They're basically just little accessories that snap into the extra holes of your magic band (seen below) to add additional pops of color and personality. At first when I saw these, I thought they were kind of a pointless way for Disney World to make extra money. I was like"these are lame, who would buy these." That thought didn't last more than ten seconds.

I was especially sold once I saw this Monster's Inc. Bandits 3-Pack. I thought it would be fun to add some of my love for Pixar to my magic band and my overall ensemble.

Since there were no Vinylmations I was looking for during this trip, these MagicBandits were a fun alternative. It's always fun for me to hunt down some kind of Pixar Disney World exclusive collectibles during the week. 

 Other Pixar related Bandits include a Cars 3-pack and an Incredibles 4-pack, which I'll be posting right here soon as well.

There is another type of Monsters Inc. magic band accessory out there as well. It's called a "Slider", which slips right over the middle of the band, and is in the design of Mike Wazowski. I didn't get this one but you can see what I'm talking about here.

 You're probably wondering if these stay on well, and yes, once you pop them on, they're pretty secure. They can snag on things, however, and pop off (I had that happen once or twice, for example getting off of Rockin' Roller Coaster). For the most part though, you won't have to worry about them falling off. Getting these for young kids though may be a different story, since they could easily rip them off. I definitely wouldn't get them for kids under six or seven, but it totally depends on the kid of course. Just in case you do plan on getting these Bandits for very young kids, be aware that they can easily be snagged on something or ripped off and lost.

Anyway, that's about it with these things. They're fun and I definitely recommend decorating your magic band when you go. They have many different Disney characters, from the classics to the Muppets, to choose from! You can find them in just about every park and resort gift shop.

For tomorrow's post, I will be posting the "Pixar Daily Highlights" from my Disney World trip and will be including a link to my full  photo album on my Facebook page as well. Look for that soon!

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