Monday, August 11, 2014

A Bug's Life: Lithograph

Here we have the Disney Store exclusive A Bug's Life lithograph print, sold in 1999 to commemorate the release of the film on home video!

First of all, as seen above, the print comes in a nice folder featuring the iconic logo and Princess Dot among some clovers.

The print itself features one of my favorite images from the film-when all the bugs are flying from "the city" to "ant island"...totally classic. This was a great choice for a lithograph.

Like all of the exclusive lithographs sold at the Disney Store, this is a quality, vibrant print that is good enough to frame and hang on the wall. It's that good! Plus, it was available for only around $10, so it's a great value.

In the bottom right corner of the print is the official Disney Store gold stamp of authenticity.

The back of the print is pictured below.

 Surprisingly after all these years, this print is very easy to snag on online for anywhere between $8-$15. You can pick one up on eBay using the link below:

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