Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cars: Back on the Map Gift Pack

From the Toys R Us exclusive "Radiator Spring Classic" series, here we have their most recent 3-pack release, "Back on the Map."

This gift pack includes waitress versions of the twins Mia and Mia in addition to Hank Hallsum. These characters can be seen briefly during the original Cars end credits, when the town of Radiator Springs is shown back in full swing (screen shot above; Mia and Tia seen in the center while Hank can be seen in the back left corner). These are 1:55 scale diecast cars from Mattel.

This was an awesome release for me since I had missed these characters back when they were first released in an earlier Toys R Us gift pack from a few years back, called "Flo's V8 Cafe." Additionally, Waitress Mia and Tia were also released together in this unnamed lenticular eyes "3-Car Gift Pack" with Flo.

This pack was released a couple of months ago, but has still yet to show up at my local Toys R Us. If it wasn't for my good friends T.J. and Julie over at, I would still be on the look out for it. A big thanks to them for helping me track this one down!

If you're also having a hard time finding this pack in stores and are willing to pay just a little more than the $14.99 price tag, you can buy it on Amazon or on eBay using the link below:
Cars: Back on the Map Gift Pack

Are you a fan of Pixar's Cars franchise? Then be sure to check back here often as many more diecast characters from my collection will be posted right here during the next few months! In the mean time, you can explore what I've already posted in the Cars related labels to the right of this page.

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