Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cars: Radiator Springs Racers Limited Edition 9" Vinylmation

Back in the Spring of 2013, my wife Brita and I decided to take a pretty spontaneous road trip to California to visit Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure (DCA). We had an absolute blast and I cherish those memories almost on a daily basis. Note: Check out a slideshow I put together of our trip HERE

One of our favorite parts (if not THE favorite part) was having the opportunity to visit the brand new Cars Land there at DCA and one of our favorite rides of the week was the Radiator Spring Racers! It really took me by surprise on how cool (and gigantic) it really was, since I had avoided (mostly) all spoilers and footage from it. Because of the tremendously long lines, we were only able to ride it twice, but we were able to experience it once during the day and once at night, which was beautiful. We were also able to experience both versions of the ride, as one takes you through Luigi's tire shop at one point and the other takes you through Ramone's House of Body Art (which we had no idea about!).

 You can see my full video of the ride (night time, Ramone's version) below:

To commemorate the opening day of Cars Land back in June of 2012, California Adventure released this amazing Radiator Springs Racers 9" vinylmation, based on the ride's official poster design. This vinylmation was a one day limited run with only 500 made and was designed Maria Clapsis. It retailed at $54.95 and had a "one per guest" limit.

I absolutely love the design of the Radiator Springs poster (I'm a sucker for that minimal, stylized look); So naturally, being a fan of the poster, vinylmations, limited edition stuff AND of course Cars Land/Radiator Springs Racers, I had to get this one.

A few weeks ago, I had a very lucky eBay experience and lets just say I won this (new in package) for only $44.99...less than the original retail price! Luckily, nobody else even placed a bid. How did that happen given that these very rarely pop up on eBay and sell for hundreds of dollars? It beats me, but I'll take it!

 Ultimately, what this vinylmation does for me is bring back cherished memories of an amazing trip I had with my wife and the pure magic of visiting Cars Land for the very first time. I look forward to proudly displaying this for years to come.

Like I said, these only occasionally pop up on eBay, but definitely check there often using the link below and you might have some luck:
Cars Land: LE Radiator Springs Racers 9" Vinylmation

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