Monday, August 18, 2014

Cars: Fred

"He knows my name...He knows my name!" -Fred, Cars

Fred here was seen only briefly in the original Cars, but he made a funny, memorable and quotable appearance. He was seen near the beginning of the film in the Rusteze tent and near the end of the film outside of the big Los Angeles Speedway race.    

Fred is a 1:55 scale diecast car from Mattel and was originally released in the "World of Cars" collection, quite a few years back. Some fans thought that this one's scale was too big, so Mattel has released three smaller versions of him since (a "chase" Lenticular eyes Fred with fallen bumper, a "chase" Fred with bumper stickers and one with Lightning Mcqueen in a 2013 movie moments 2-pack). 

Funny enough though, fans still complained saying that Fred's new size was now too small. Man, they can't win! Either size of him seems good to me... I'm not too picky. Which one do you feel is the better size or do you agree that the true size would be somewhere in between?

If you're looking to add Fred to your collection, you can pick up this original sized one (or any of your preferred size/version) on Amazon or on eBay using the link below:
Cars: Fred

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