Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cars 2: Disney Store Lithograph "Travel Poster" Style Prints

Back in 2011, the Disney Store had a special offer going (for those who per-ordered the Cars 2 DVD and/or Bluray) featuring this fantastic set of four 10" x 14" lithograph "travel posters" based on key locations from the film!

The look and style of these prints is just too cool. Super classy! I just love the feel/vibe they give off. Eric Tan—the artist behind these designs—did an incredible job. The art is exactly the style I seek after. As soon as I saw them online, I was immediately drawn to the minimal, colorful, stylized look and they do not disappoint in person. I knew I needed these framed and on my wall someday, so I didn't waste any time and snagged them right away.

First of all, these prints come in a really nice, sturdy portfolio. The front features one of the film's theatrical posters and the back includes an image of the Tokyo streets.

As you open it up, you'll notice that this is a significantly large, three fold portfolio featuring an incredible amount of characters from the film— almost as cool as the prints themselves! The prints are stored in the middle surrounded by some amazing Cars 2 imagery featuring every single main/secondary car seen in the film...literally! Even many of the background characters are here, ones you'd probably only recognize if you have the diecast cars. 

Each travel poster says "A World Grand Prix Event" near the top and includes the Disney Store's "Exclusive Commemorative Lithograph 2011" gold seal in the bottom corner. Also, if you're thinking "these must be rare and/or expensive", you'd be wrong! They can actually be found for dirt cheap on eBay, which I was really surprised about based on how nice these prints are. I purchased these for around $6 and free shipping.

If you're loving these posters as much as I am, go ahead and snag them on eBay using the link below:
Disney Store Cars 2 Lithograph Set

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