Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cars 2: Brent Mustangburger with headset

As seen in Cars 2, here we have one of the WGP (World Grand Prix) announcers, Brent Mustangburger! This is a 1:55 scale diecast car from Mattel.

This version of the character includes his headset and was released last year in the 2013 "WGP" sub-line (number 15/17). He was also re-released this year in the 2014 collection and can currently be found in stores.

Brent was originally available (without his headset) in a 2011 2-pack with Darrell Cartrip, which I'll be featuring here on the blog soon enough.

Fun Facts:
  • Brent is voiced by and named after real life ESPN sports announcer, Brent Woody Musburger. 
  • His licence plate reads BWM539, which represents the initials and birthday of Brent Musburger. 
If you'd rather just pick this one up online, you can buy him on Amazon or eBay using the link below:
Cars 2: Brent Mustangburger with headset

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