Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Cars 2: Wasabi Mouth Mater

Cars 2 Wasabi Mouth Mater diecast
Whatever you do, DO NOT EAT the free pistachio ice cream. IT HAS TURNED.  

Welcome back to the blog! Tonight I'm taking a look at another new Cars 2 inspired 1:55 scale diecast from Mattel...Wasabi Mouth Mater! I've been waiting for a single-pack release of this one for almost a decade, so I'm really excited to finally have this diecast as part of my collection. This version of Mater was only ever released in a couple of multi-packs clear back in 2011 (Tokyo Spy Mix-up 10-Pack & Tokyo Race Party 5-Pack), neither of which I ever purchased. So yah, this technically isn't a brand new release, but it's new to most people out there. I was able to snag it at Walmart just last week.

This Mater is part of this year's brilliant new "Funny Flashbacks" sub-series. If you've seen Cars 2, I don't think you need a reminder of when this moment happened, but I included a screenshot above anyway—it's certainly one of the more memorable scenes/gags in the whole film! Looking back at this scene tonight though, I was surprised to notice that you never actually see any wasabi in Mater's mouth like this diecast suggests. As Mater is about to eat the big scoop of wasabi (thinking it's pistachio ice cream), it cuts away; then the next time we see him, he's screaming and driving frantically toward McQueen and Miles Axlerod. 

Regardless, I still like that this diecast represents that scene even if there were some creative liberties taken. It's clever and Mater looks great with his wasabi green tongue and perplexed expression!

Cars 2 Wasabi Mouth Mater diecast
Cars 2 Wasabi Mouth Mater diecast

Note: There was also a Cars 2 plastic "Quick Changers" version of this same concept called "Mater with Wasabi Tongue" (seen HERE). I've always wanted to track down that one as well. 

This Mater will pair perfectly with the Tokyo party sushi chef pack released back in 2015. What are your thoughts? Are you also thrilled that this Wasabi Mouth Mater finally got released as a single? Look for it at your nearest Walmart or Target right now if you're looking to add it to your Disney·Pixar Cars collection. You can also search current eBay listings HERE or pick it up on Amazon using the link below.

Happy hunting! 

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