Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Coco: "Miguel and Dante" Postcard (Artwork by Joey Chou)

Coco "Miguel and Dante" Postcard Artwork by Joey Chou

Hola mis amigos! From one of my favorite artists, the talented Joey Chou, comes this Disney·Pixar Coco inspired print titled "Miguel and Dante"! This gorgeous artwork was released this past February for the 2020 Epcot International Festival of the Arts and follows Chou's previous six Pixar creations which include: The Good Dinosaur (see HERE & HERE), Finding Dory, Up, Cars and The Incredibles. I would absolutely love to see every Pixar film in Chou's portfolio someday.

This is, per usual, the standard 4x5 postcard size I always collect (the best value for this art, retailing at only $5.99—also great if you don't have much wall space), but it's also available as a Deluxe size 14x18 matted print and a 18x24 Canvas Wrap.

Coco "Miguel and Dante" Postcard Artwork by Joey Chou

Chou's style is incredibly adorable. It's a unique balance of minimal designs, bright/soft colors and simple shapes/sharp lines. I couldn't begin to pick a favorite of his, but this one is up there now for sure! It just may be his most detailed yet. I know I've said that before, but he just keeps topping himself. Just WOW. The marigold bridge, the candles, the beads, the picado banner, Miguel, Dante and's all perfection—vibrant, masterfully composed (that depth is stunning) and cute as can be. It really captures the magic and heart of the film.

Before the shutdown, this could be found at the Disney Springs (or Downtown Disney in CA) Wondeground Gallery shop. At this point, if you're interested in this for your collection, your best bet tracking it down would be checking out current eBay listings HERE.

I can't wait to see what else Chou creates throughout the year! What film would you love to see him tackle next?  Whatever it might be, consider it purchased. Find out more about Joey Chou and his art on his Tumblr, blog, and Facebook page. If you like what you see, give him a follow on Instagram and Twitter as well! He's an awesome guy.

Coco "Miguel and Dante" Postcard Artwork by Joey Chou
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