Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Toy Story: Baby Bodysuits 5-Pack (Aidan's 5 Months!)

Toy Story Baby Bodysuits 5-Pack woody onesie

Today's a special day because today Aidan is five months old! I know I've mentioned this before, but I just can't believe how fast the time is going and how much he's able to do now. He sits up on his own, rolls over, army crawls/tummy scoots, eats solids, sits in a high chair...and he's even figured out how to suck water from those non-spill sippy cups as of yesterday! He laughs at all of our silliness and loves his toys.

Speaking of toys, he's been really into my Toy Story Roly Poly Clown replica lately (which really jingles like in the film), so I let him sit up on his own and fully play with it in his nursery for the first time today! He could not get enough; literally played with it for minutes on end and seemed so fascinated by it. Anyway to celebrate his monthiversary here on the blog, I thought it would be fun to document Aidan playing with the clown while wearing one of his Toy Story onesies this afternoon! This adorable Woody bodysuite came in a 5-pack that I got back when he was first born from my good friend Paulina (a HUGE thank you to her)! It's crazy to me that it already fits him since 3-6 months seemed so far away when Aidan was only a few days old. I''ll be posting the other bodysuites that come in the set later on here in this post as updates (Buzz, Rex, Slinky and a multi-character design)

Check out more of the cuteness below!

Toy Story Baby Bodysuits 5-Pack woody onesie

More details:
  • Baby boys' bodysuit set includes five Toy Story short-sleeve bodysuits
  • Cotton-blend fabric provides him comfort during playtime, tummy time or nap time
  • Crotch-snap buttons allow fuss-free diaper changes 
  • Sizes available in newborn up to 24M 
Toy Story Baby Bodysuits 5-Pack woody onesie
Toy Story Baby Bodysuits 5-Pack woody onesie

You can purchase this 5-Pack of Toy Story onesies on Target's website HERE for $24.99 or Amazon using the direct link at the end of this post. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments and look for updates right here soon of Aidan wearing the other four designs!

UPDATE 5/15/20- Added Aidan in the Buzz Lightyear bodysuite below! My cute little Space Ranger.

Toy Story Baby Bodysuits 5-Pack buzz lightyear onesie
Toy Story Baby Bodysuits 5-Pack buzz lightyear onesie

UPDATE 5/25/20- Golly bob howdy! Aidan wore the Slinky Dog onesie as part of this set today (red, white and blue for Memorial Day ;)  and it was too cute for words. Just two more designs to document here!
toy story slinky dog onesie bodysuit baby

UPDATE 5/30/20- ROOOAARRR! Were you scared? Tell me honestly. Here's Aidan wearing the "I'm a Nervous Rex" onesie from this 5-pack! He wore it for the first time today and it was the perfect little summer outfit. It doesn't get much cuter!

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