Thursday, May 21, 2020

Cars 3: Cupcake Lightning McQueen

cars 3 cupcake lightning mcqueen

Just yesterday, while checking out the latest toy selection at Walmart, I finally stumbled upon a few new Disney·Pixar Cars 1:55 scale diecasts from Mattel! I haven't found any new cases for probably over two months now, so this was a treat for me. One of the characters I was most excited to find was this Cars 3 inspired Cupcake Lightning McQueen! After all these years (and a million versions of Lightning McQueen later), I'm even surprised I could be this excited for another one of his releases. It's just such a fun and creative idea—I never even considered this moment as a diecast! This is one of the most unique McQueen variants to date.

Cupcake McQueen is part of this year's brilliant (brand new for 2020) "Funny Flashbacks" sub-series. As shown in the screenshot above, McQueen is seen this way when Cal Weathers and Bobby Swift prank him after a race while he's is being interviewed by Shannon Spokes. They drive by yelling "congratulations cupcake", spray him with a fire extinguisher and then throw confetti to make McQueen look like a frosted cupcake with sprinkles. A hilarious moment captured perfectly here with this diecast! Mattel has done a fantastic job once again.

cars 3 cupcake lightning mcqueen

Note: The cupcake "frosting" is removable. Underneath is just your standard Cars 3 Rust-eze Lightning McQueen.

You can find Cupcake McQueen in stores right now, so be sure to visit your nearest Walmart and Target soon! If you'd rather just pick him up online, you can check out eBay listings HERE or Amazon using the direct link below.

Happy hunting! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments.

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