Monday, May 4, 2020

Finding Nemo SuperBib 2-Pack (by Bumkins)

Bumpkins Finding Nemo SuperBib 2-Pack

This past Friday, our baby boy Aidan turned 20 weeks old—how is he already almost five months?! Time is just flying by, which is emotional in one way, but exciting in another since we're absolutely thrilled to see him learn and develop so much every single day! He is so sweet and loving; he brings so much joy and laughter daily and we're always so excited to see what new things he can do. To celebrate him turning 20 weeks old, we thought it was time to introduce him to solid foods since he's been showing a real interest in what mommy and daddy are eating lately! This was a big milestone that we've been anticipating even before Aidan was born, since my wife Brita and I consider ourselves "foodies" and always hoped he would be into a wide variety of foods/flavors like we are.

For Aidan's first solid food, my wife went with a puréed organic roasted sweet potato. He ended up loving it and can't get enough! We were so impressed with how well he did with it his first time and he's only gotten better. Since then, he's had it every day and we've also introduced him to other foods like avocado. He seems to be enjoying it all as much as we always hoped he would! It's so cute to watch him eat (you can just see his little wheels turning) and then suck on the spoon until every last morsel is gone.

With the introduction of messy solids, we knew it was also time to change up his bib. So we started using the Disney Baby Finding Nemo SuperBib (with catch-all pocket) by Bumkins, which comes with two styles in a pack—one design with Nemo and Dory and the other featuring Nemo and Squirt! The screen art is stylized and adorable, perfect for heading into summertime.

Bumpkins Finding Nemo SuperBib 2-Pack

The crumb catcher feature is really nice and will be even more useful when he starts eating other messy foods over he next couple years. What I also love is that it's a really easy to clean, lightweight material (100% polyester with coating for waterproofing) that's single ply construction, so it's stain and odor resistant. It can quickly be rinsed by hand (or machine-washed) after use and air dries in a matter of minutes; always ready to be used again before the next meal. It's handy to have a second bib as well in case one is in the laundry!

The bib measures about 10” across and 9” from neck down and is sized for ages 6-24 months (Aidan's a little ahead of the game here ;). Retail price is $12.95.

Bumpkins Finding Nemo SuperBib 2-Pack

There are so many super cute SuperBibs available at Bumkins and I recommend checking them all out on their website HERE! I highly suggest snagging a few sets for your little one as this seems to be one of the best reviewed bibs out there (plus there are lots of basic designs and others inspired by pop culture like Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, Nintendo, Super Heroes, Harry Potter and more). You can purchase this Finding Nemo set on the Bumkins website HERE or Amazon using the link below! 

Be sure to let me know your thoughts down in the comments and stay tuned right here for more from my Pixar collection daily.

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