Saturday, May 16, 2020

Toy Story "Shufflerz" COMPLETE COLLECTION!


Here's an amazing collection from last year that I'm finally getting around to sharing here...the Disney Store/ShopDisney exclusive Toy Story "Shufflerz"! There are 26 adorably stylized characters total, which were released a few at a time in different waves over the span of about five months (February-July; each wave representing one of the Toy Story films leading up to Toy Story 4). Each Shufflerz is about 3.5" tall and originally retailed for $12.95.

How they work: Shufflerz are a creative new twist on classic wind-up toys. Just press down on their heads repeatedly (up to 10 times) and watch them go—or should I say shuffle! I'm a collector of vintage style toys (love tin and wind-up toys specifically) AND Toy Story, so these were totally made for me. They're so fun!

Here's the breakdown of each wave/release date:
  • Wave 1 Toy Story (February 23rd 2019)—Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Bo Peep and Alien 
  • Wave 2 Toy Story 2 (March 23rd 2019)—Jessie, Bullseye, Stinky Pete the Prospector and Al McWhiggin 
  • Wave 3 Toy Story 3 (April 27th 2019)— Lotso, Buttercup, Mr. Pricklepants and Dolly 
  • Wave 4 Toy Story 4 (May 25th 2019)—Hamm, Tinny, TS4 Bo Peep and Slinky Dog
  •  Wave 5 Toy Story 4 (June 22nd 2019)— Gabby Gabby, Duke Caboom, Forky and Officer Giggle McDimples 
  • Wave 6 Toy Story 4 (July 13th 2019)— Ducky, Bunny, Billy/Goat/Gruff and Benson

You'll notice that the characters in the last wave are loose without any packaging. That's because, here in the U.S., those four Shufflerz (Ducky, Bunny, Billy/Goat/Gruff and Benson) were only available as a "gift with $10 purchase" that day (and no boxes were included). Luckily a good cast member friend of mine helped me get them all, otherwise it would have been tough since the policy was "only one gift per guest". Interestingly enough, those four characters were released in the normal boxes in the U.K. (example HERE).

I normally would take a detailed photo of each figure, but time is unfortunately so limited these days. Regardless, I still wanted to share this information with you, document the release dates/waves and share a photo of the assortment in full so it could be archived here as part of my collection. I highly recommend tracking them down (at the very least, a few of your favorites) if you're a big Toy Story fan/collector! They're great for play and display. Of course they're sold out on ShopDisney at this point, so eBay is your best bet (direct link to current listings HERE).

Let me know all your thoughts down below in the comments! Did you snag any of these last year? Who's your favorite?

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