Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Bug's Life: Anthill Playset

 Here is the classic A Bug's Life "Giant Light-Up Anthill" playset from Mattel! It is to be used with the Mattel line of A Bug's Life action figures and vehicles which I'll be showing in the next post.
I was eight years old when A Bug's Life came out. I remember how excited I was for it, as I knew it was coming from the creators of my favorite movie Toy Story. I asked for this play set for Christmas 1998 and we still have the home video of me opening it from my Grandparents. I was so thrilled! This is the original one I got for Christmas that year with all of the original pieces.

 Love how it lights up in the back with the shadows of the bugs battling.

This is a great play set with lots of fun features including: opening leaf doors, launching projectiles, a trap door and a catapult. Check my Vine soon for some videos of this play set in action.

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