Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cars 2: Mater with Balloon

cars mater with balloon

As if you didn't have enough Mater variations in your collection, here's one more for you. From Cars 2, here we have the brand new Mattel 1:55 scale diecast release of Mater with Balloon! He is part of the 2016 "#95 Returns" sub-series (number 3/7).

As shown in the screenshot above, Mater appears this way during one of the film's opening scenes. After a long day of fun (maybe a little too much fun if you ask Mcqueen), Mater and Lightning return to Radiator Springs with a blue "Kersploosh Mountain" balloon. It's funny imagery for sure, but now I'm so curious- what kind of theme park is Kersploosh Mountain and what does it look like? What kind of rides/attractions do they have there? I guess all that has to be left up to the imagination.

mattel cars 2 mater with balloon

It should be noted that not all of this Mater is diecast metal. Much of it is plastic (including the balloon accessory). Lets take a closer look out of the package!

mattel cars 2 mater with balloon
mattel cars 2 mater with balloon mattel cars 2 mater with balloon

I was lucky enough to find this one at Target just yesterday, so be sure to head to your local stores to check for availability!

And as usual, best of luck on the hunt to all my fellow Cars collectors.

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