Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Finding Dory: Mr. Ray Carry Case ("Swigglefish" Collection)

finding dory swigglefish mr. ray case playset

We have reached the third and final part of my Finding Dory Swigglefish collection. If you missed my previous posts, check out PART 1 HERE (for more on the Swigglefish figures themselves) and PART 2 HERE (for more on the Hank Truck playset).

Today I'm showing off this Swigglefish Mr. Ray 3-in-1 carry case/plasyset from Bandai Toys! This thing is so cool and a must have if you're into this collection. This plastic Mr. Ray is about 16" wide and 17" long, has wheels on the bottom for rolling action, has magnets on top to attach up to three Swigglefish at a time and opens up to be a storage container. Retail is $19.99 and all figures are sold separately.

finding dory swigglefish mr. ray case playset

I have to say, this really is a lot of fun. The rolling feature is incredibly smooth and I found out that there is plenty of space inside to store all nine characters comfortably (even though the package states "up to five"). Like with any of the Swigglefish toys, pictures don't really do this justice. So, I decided to make a full video showing this, the figures themselves and the Hank playset in action! Look for that right here tomorrow morning.

finding dory swigglefish
finding dory swigglefish mr. ray case playset
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In the mean time, you can pick this up at really any mainstream store such as Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, etc. or find it on Amazon using the direct link below. Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, if you're a collector of Finding Dory, I highly recommend picking this (and all the Swigglefish) up. It's a necessity if all your fish are going to make it to Mr. Ray's class at the drop off on time. 

A big thanks to Bandai for this fantastic collection!

UPDATE- You can now watch my YouTube video below to see this whole assortment in action.

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