Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ratatouille: Epcot World Showcase Metal Plaque

disney ratatouille epcot metal plaque sign

During our visit to Walt Disney World this past April, I was excited to check out the Souvenirs de France gift shop (at the Epcot World Showcase France pavilion) for their latest selection of exclusive Ratatouille merch. I couldn't resist most of the items there, one of which being this pretty neat metal plaque featuring Remy, Chef Gusteau, Linguini and more from the film's main cast. Since this was originally available in Disneyland Paris, there is also a little unknown rat on the bottom right corner who I think has something to do with the attraction there.

This is a lightweight, aluminum sign (5.58" W x 8.45" H) with a retail price of $8.95. The Epcot World Showcase logo is printed on the back and a nail hole near the top makes for easy wall hanging.

disney ratatouille epcot metal plaque sign

I thought this was pretty cute and I'm excited to display it among the rest of my Ratatouille collection. If you're interested in getting this yourself, be sure to pick it up during your next visit to Walt Disney World or order it through the Shop Disney Parks app.

Amuse-toi bien!

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