Saturday, June 25, 2016

Finding Dory: Hank Truck Playset ("Swigglefish" Collection)

finding dory swigglefish hank truck playset

SPOILER WARNING for those who have not seen the film.

For today's post, we're going to have even more fun with the Finding Dory "Swigglefish" collection from Bandai Toys! If you missed part one (which is a detailed overview of all the different Swigglefish available and how they work), check it out right HERE.

Straight from the crazy, over the top (in the best way possible) climax from the film, here we have the Swigglefish Hank Truck Playset. Now kids can recreate the exciting finale when Hank and Dory hijack the Marine Life Institute truck heading to Cleveland.

finding dory swigglefish hank truck playset

This set comes with seven water track/ramp pieces. After just a couple minutes of assembly, you're ready to roll your Swigglefish down the ramp and right into the truck to help save the day. Once they've "swiggled" in there, press the button on the roof of the truck to release them back into the ocean. "Release, Release! Release, Release!" Retail is $17.99.

And there you can seen Hank and Dory behind the wheel. Hilarious! 

finding dory swigglefish hank truck playset

This playset comes with one Marlin Swigglefish, who you can also get on a single card for just $6.99.

finding dory swigglefish marlin

This is already a really fun assortment of figures, but this playset adds a new level of imaginative play. Highly recommended! If you're looking to pick this up, you can find the Hank Truck Playset and all the Swigglefish at most mainstream toy stores such as Walmart, Target and Toys R Us. You can also pick it up online using the direct Amazon link below.

Check out my YouTube video below to see this and all the Swigglefish in action.

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