Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Cars 3: Kris Revstopski (Green Flag Version)

Cars 3 Kris Revstopski Green Flag Version diecast

For tonight's Cars Mattel 1:55 scale diecast review, I'm taking a quick look at a new version of a Cars 3 character that was previously released...Kris Revstopski, this time with a green (rather than checkered) flag! The original version of Kris was available back in late 2017 (full review HERE) and then again in 2018 as featured in THIS 2-Pack. This new green flag version just hit a couple months back as part of this year's 2020 "Florida 500" sub-series.

As shown in the screenshot above, Kris is a flag waver for the Piston Cup racing series. She (yes, this car is female) is seen at just about every race seen in the film! Her official bio reads: Being a Piston Cup flag car like Kris Revstopski is hard work. Many fans of racing don't realize the rigorous training and testing a vehicle needs to go through in order to prove they are worthy of holding that checkered flag. When a race begins or ends, it's all eyes on Kris Revstopski.

Cars 3 Kris Revstopski Green Flag Version diecast

I'd like to make a note that this isn't a straight repack of the original Kris diecast. This is actually a brand new and more movie accurate sculpt! The main difference is that her truck bed is now sealed off, rather than open. She's also a little smaller (and thinner) and has a brand new facial expression. Lastly, this one's flag is permanently attached, while the first version's flag was removable.

If you're still looking to add this Kris Revstopski to your collection, head to the Walmart or Target nearest to you to check for availability. If you'd rather just pick her up online, you can use the direct link below for the best current Amazon listing. 

Happy hunting! 

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