Friday, February 7, 2020

Cars 3: Sterling with Headset

Cars 3 sterling with Headset diecast review

Tonight for my Mattel Cars 3 1:55 scale diecast review, I'm taking a look at another variant of a previously released character—Sterling with Headset! This version of Sterling was first available last spring (on the red 2019 card), but that case never hit my area for some reason. I'm glad he was re-released just last month on the 2020 "blue desert" card as part of this year's "Florida 500" sub-series! 

As shown in the screen shot above, Sterling can be seen wearing his headset during the climatic Florida 500 race. "To the future!"

Cars 3 sterling with Headset diecast review

This is a very straightforward release, so there isn't much more to say. It may seem boring, but I do like variants like this for creating scene specific moments using diecast characters. If you're still looking to add Sterling with Headset to your collection, you can still find this one pretty easily in stores. Be sure to check your nearest Walmart or Target—or, if you'd rather just pick it up online, you can check eBay HERE or Amazon (direct link below).

Best of luck on the hunt! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments.

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