Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Toy Story: "Disney Baby" Soft Book (by Kids Preferred)

toy story disney baby soft book

Howdy, partners! Tonight I'm giving you a detailed look at (with an exclusive peek inside) this absolutely adorable Toy Story inspired "Disney Baby" Soft Book from Kids Preferred. You can imagine how excited I was last year when this was released around the same time baby Aidan was born! You know this went right on my (I mean "his") Christmas list. A big thanks to my mother in-law who included this in his stocking.

This really is the perfect baby book, especially for us Toy Story fans who grew up with the films and now have kids of our own. Getting to introduce my baby boy to these characters is something I've been dreaming of for a long time now and I couldn't imagine a better way to do so until he's old enough to watch the actual movies. Aidan is exactly two months old tomorrow and he's just started to really love and interact with this book!

toy story disney baby soft book

This lightweight, soft fabric book is the perfect size for little hands, measuring just over 5" wide x about 7" tall (that's including the handle).

toy story disney baby soft book

It comes loaded with interactive features and colorful illustrations to help stimulate the senses and keep your baby engaged! First of all, each page crinkles, which makes for great sensory play alone (babies love those sounds as it takes very little effort for them to make the noises happen).

Lift the flap of Andy's toy chest on the front cover to reveal Andy's toys and "Property of Andy" writing! I adore the designs of these characters here and really wish I knew who illustrated this. If you happen to know, please let me know down in the comments. 

toy story disney baby soft book

The bright red handle is not only a textured teether, but doubles as a way to hang this on a car seat or stroller.

See the whole gang on the back of the book below.

toy story disney baby soft book

Let's take a peek inside! The first page features everyone's favorite Cowgirl, Jessie, and some ribbons to touch for some different textures.

The second page includes Rex, Woody, Bullseye and even the iconic Pixar ball! Squeeze the ball to hear it SQUEAK.

toy story disney baby soft book

Buzz Lightyear is on the next page, with a Pizza Planet Alien that can be moved up and down the ribbon! OoooOOoooOo...

And who's that on the last page? It's Bo Peep of course and she's lost her sheep! Can baby help her find them? Lift the flap to reveal a mirror (and BABY) as well as Bo's sheep.

toy story disney baby soft book

My only wish is that this was a page or two longer, but I understand that it would have gotten too heavy and bulky at that point. I just love it so much that I wish it could have kept going! If you're a Toy Story fan with a new baby (or baby on the way), I cannot recommend this book enough. Like I said, Aidan is just starting to really get into it and it melts my heart how excited he gets when we take it out to read and play.

I spotted this at Kohl's recently (and I'm sure it's available at other stores as well), but you can easily just pick it up on Amazon for around $12 (direct link below). Please be sure to leave your thoughts down in the comments and let me know if you have any questions.

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