Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Disney Parks "The World of Pixar" Luxo Ball Keychain

the world of pixar luxo ball keychain

Straight from Walt Disney World and Disneyland, here we have this super awesome Pixar/Luxo ball keychain as part of the new Disney Parks and ShopDisney exclusive "The World of Pixar" line released earlier this year! I received this in my Easter basket this past weekend thanks to a very special Easter Bunny who sent this to me all the way from California (much love Paulina ;). I'm so happy to have been able to get this before the shutdown. Such a cool little item! You know I love collecting any and all Pixar balls, so this was an absolute must have.

I love picking up unique Pixar keychains—my keys always seem to be decked out in them. Check out the different ones I've had over the years (some of them are still even on my key ring) HERE.

Retail price for this one was $9.99. Unfortunately it's not available online, but you can view the rest of the vibrant "The World of Pixar" collection (or at least most of it) on HERE. So many fantastic things with amazing designs and colors! If you're looking to add this keychain to your collection, eBay is your best bet (see current listings). 

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