Sunday, April 12, 2020

Toy Story 4: Ducky & Bunny "Rowdy Squad" Tee

toy story rowdy squad tee

Happy Easter everyone! I just wanted to hop on here (wink) real quick tonight to share this really fun "Rowdy Squad" shirt I was gifted last year when attending the Toy Story 4 press event at Walt Disney World. I figured Easter would be a more than appropriate time to post a t-shirt featuring Ducky and Bunny!

This tee is from Cakeworthy, but it has since sold out there. If you're interested in picking this up for your Disney/Pixar shirt collection though, the design is also available at BoxLunch, Kohl's and Amazon! I can't vouch for the shirt quality if purchased at any of those stores, but the one I have here fits and feels great. Ducky and Bunny are some of my favorite characters and the "Rowdy Squad" graphic is pretty funny— it's a win for me!

 Most importantly, check out my #1 favorite baby bunny below enjoying his first Easter :)

toy story rowdy squad tee shirt

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