Friday, April 24, 2020

The World of Pixar Sticky Note Set (Disney Parks/ShopDisney)

disney world of pixar sticky note net

Straight from Walt Disney World and Disneyland, here we have this positively amazing sticky note set as part of the new Disney Parks and ShopDisney exclusive "The World of Pixar" line released earlier this year! This 8 1/4'' H x 6 1/4'' W folio opens up to reveal 10 Pixar inspired sticky note pads with 20 sheets of paper each. Many of your favorite Pixar characters and icons (such as the famed Luxo Jr. lamp and his ball) are here: Woody, Alien, Eve, Anger, Jack-Jack, Edna Mode, Mike Wazowski and Lightning McQueen! On the front of the folio, even more characters are represented.

The most fantastic aspect of this whole set is, of course, the art. Just WOW. I'm absolutely enthralled with the designs and wish I knew who the artist was behind all the "World of Pixar" graphics used for these products. It's minimal, stylized, colorful, adorable and unique...everything I look for in my Pixar artwork! Huge fan.

disney world of pixar sticky note net

Retail price is $16.99. A huge thank you to my friend Paulina who helped me get this before Disneyland shut down! Luckily for anyone interested, it's now also on ShopDisney as well.

disney world of pixar sticky note net

Here are all the pads that are included:
  • Pixar Ball round pad
  • Star-shaped pad with Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.
  • Star-shaped pad with Anger from Inside Out
  • Rectangular, lined pad with ''The World of Pixar'' and character screen art inside ''Pixar''
  • Small rectangular pad with Eve from WALL•E
  • Small rectangular pad with watermark star art
  • Rectangular pad with Woody and alien from Toy Story 
  • Square pad with Lightning McQueen from Cars
  • Medium rectangular pad with Pixar Lamp
  • Long rectangular lined pad with Edna Mode and Jack-Jack from The Incredibles
Pads are up to 3 1/4'' H x 5'' W in size.
disney world of pixar sticky note net

Pixar fans, this is a must-have set for your office/home desk or school! You can purchase it right now on HERE, so be sure to snag it before it's gone. If you like what you see, you're going to want to check out the rest of the super fun "The World of Pixar" collection HERE & HERE —most of which is also currently on ShopDisney. See also: my post on the Pixar ball keychain.

Let me know all your thoughts down below! Did you pick this up for your collection?

disney world of pixar sticky note net
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