Monday, August 26, 2013

Monsters Inc: Electronic Action Figures

In 2001, with the release of Monsters Inc. in theaters, Hasbro released this fun collection of electronic six inch action figures. This is my original collection that I got when I was 11 years old...I still remember finding them at the store and my overall excitement for merch from the film!

They all have cool actions, sounds, phrases and (in Randall's case) lights. There are eight figures in total and it should be noted that Fungus and Ray came with Mike in a 3-pack and do not have any electronic features or action. 

These figures are actually pretty much to scale with the new Monsters University Scare Students figures so they can be used or displayed together (a custom MU Waternoose would be classic...just add that fro and mustache on him)!

An interesting bit of info: On the Mike 3-pack package, it lists Fungus as "Frungus." Was this an error or was there an official last-minute name change for him at Pixar?

Check out my Vine to see these and more items from my collection in action! 
UPDATE 9/15/21- At last, here's my detailed video review! 

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